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Carpooling Sydney

This new service is a community-driven solution to the problem of single-car use in taking children to school. We are helping families reduce their fuel costs, carbon footprint and strengthen their local community. No paid drivers. Only carpool with other families at the same school that you know and trust.

Fuel costs are on the rise with petrol tipped to hit $2.50 per liter, and that’s bad news for families. But what if they could save on fuel costs without sacrificing school runs. Now they can. has launched a parent-centered school-run App – GoKid AU/NZ – that can reduce fuel costs. All parents do is download the app from App Store or Google Play enter their location and contact information, and set up or join an existing carpool. Sit back and enjoy the savings while their kids drive together. The app will plot the optimal route to pick up and drop off each child in the carpool, yet another cost saving.

After-school activities are a great way for kids to build confidence, make friends, and develop new skills, from soccer to salsa, and gymnastics to singing in a choir. But they’re not always easy to get kids to or from. GoKid AU/NZ is here to change that. Kids ride only with parents they know and trust, parents are registered with a school and receive a one time passcode to register their mobile number. 

Carpooling Sydney

Estimates suggest 25% of cars during peak hours are on the school run. One simple way to reduce emissions is to encourage children to catch the bus, or carpool. This is also important in addressing the unsafe levels of air pollution. According to a recent Unicef report, “The Toxic School Run”, one in three children are growing up in areas with toxic air, with the majority of it coming from vehicle emissions.

Stefanie Lemcke CEO of GoKid: “We are excited to enter into this partnership with Coachhire in Australia and New Zealand, as for the first time, a family carpool solution is offered alongside coaches, giving schools and their families a multi-modal transportation options for their every day travel needs, that is good for the environment.”   We’re sure that this program will improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.  Gokid won the title of Partner of the Year in the EdTech Challenge by the European Commission’s SMART4SME program and was nominated as one of 20 finalists for the Disrupt 100 List in 2017. GoKid, founded by two mothers in New York City, developed its carpooling apps in 2016 and launched its school carpool solution in 2019. The award-winning technology has been used to schedule over half a million trips, saving over 10 million miles of driving and 6.5 million pounds of CO2.

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