Blue mountains

79 KM from Sydney CBD about 1 hour by coach

Visit the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW and experience a range of remarkable attractions. Explore the rugged terrain, enjoy sweeping views, see some of Australia’s most dramatic waterfalls and admire the exquisite colours of the bush. A  journey that is made unforgettable by the region’s unique combination of natural beauty, culture and history.

Take a walk along the Blue Mountains Escarpment and discover the wonders of Katoomba, Echo Point, Leura and Wentworth Falls. Paved walking paths lead to spectacular lookouts, world heritage listed waterfalls and sandstone walls. Marvel at vibrant shades of flora at Lilydale bushland parkland.

Waterfalls: wraped upon the grandeur of the Blue Mountains are a series of waterfalls that make visits to the park worth while. A trail through the pristine rainforest gorge leads to a valley of waterfalls that epitomize natural beauty. The waterfalls cascade from deep, narrow valleys and gush through the mystic blue lakes underneath. At the base of the waterfalls are swimming holes and picnic areas that are perfect for leisure afternoons. An awe-inspiring view equally awaits guests upon standing across the falls and witnessing the water plunge with great fervor into the serene rivers and lakes. 

Wentworth Falls is one of the majestic waterfalls situated at the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park, in proximity to the town of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales. This three-tiered waterfall ascends at a height of 187 meters (614 ft.). The torrents of water run from the adjacent Jamison Creek. Also within the lush confines of the Blue Mountains National Park is the Leura Cascades. It is a small, striking waterfall set amidst towering ferns and gum trees. Located in the Leura area, the Leura Cascades comprises of some of the most scenic panoramas in the Blue Mountains. An easy stroll leads to Leura Cascades and its family-friendly picnic area. From Leura Cascades, a bushwalking trail leads to another entrancing waterfall, Gordon Falls . Going from Leura Park to Gordon Falls Park takes an approximate 1 hour and 15 minute-stroll with delightful views of the Jamison Valley and a couple of side trips to smaller waterfalls along the way.
If you desire a more leisurely visit then The Blue Mountains have a number of art galleries to enjoy. A great fraction of what the Blue Mountains is today is the reflection of its venerable cultural heritage. The lush rainforests, gorges, and deep valleys inspired artisans to craft works of art that express uniqueness and diversity. Various local art galleries featuring original paintings and sculptures can be found in the Blue Mountains, making it The City of The Arts. To this day, the Blue Mountains’ deeply rooted Aboriginal culture remains it’s beating heart. Falls Gallery, Lost Bear Gallery and Hat Hill Gallery are open for you to peruse.

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